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Hydrochrom Resources Ltd is a chromatography consultancy firm registered in Nigeria. We want to be the gateway to the African Market in the world of chromatography (HPLC, GC, GC-MS, SFC etc) in terms of hardware, software, training, technology and method development.
We partner with leading chromatography firms to deliver world class solutions to the challenges faced in the continent in area of chromatography.
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Hydrochrom Resources Ltd.

There is a gap between the need for chromatography and the number of people that are qualified to perform such analyses. There is an even larger gap in the routine use of chromatographic science in chemical analysis globally and the practice in Nigeria and Africa.

Hydrochrom Resources Ltd, a science-based chromatography consultancy firm registered in Nigeria, partners with leading chromatography firms globally to deliver world class solutions to the challenges faced on the African continent in the area of separation science using chromatography.

With highly experienced, highly motivated and knowledgeable team of experts and resource persons we are reshaping the world of separation science using chromatography for the African continent.

We help our clients discover their challenges and together propose a workable solution. Our team will support the implementation of these solutions all the way.